Common Street

This one block of Common Street between Conti and Dauphin, along with six buildings on Dauphin Street adjacent to Common, were all listed on the National Register in 1982 as the Common Street Historic District. In 1984 this area was absorbed into the Old Dauphin Way Historic District. This unique one-block area has a concentration of residential buildings that create a visual record of the major residential architectural styles seen in the city from the 1850s to the 1940s. Many of the buildings are Victorian cottages from the late 19th-century. Other buildings on the street are vernacular working-class cottages such as the house at 17 Common Street. The houses located at 959 through 1002 Dauphin Street principally date from the mid-19th century, although some underwent major alterations in the Victorian era.

source: Old Dauphin Way Association