One important issue in which the formation of the Midtown Mobile Movement revolved around was the future of the Old Shell Road corridor. Recently, the Old Shell Road corridor has seen a considerable amount of interest for redevelopment and infill projects. In order to encourage these projects to meet the character of the surround neighborhoods, the Midtown Mobile Movement led the development of this plan to set forth the vision and expectations of the corridor based upon significant input of the residents and surrounding community. The plan was developed by the team that worked on the City adopted Map for Mobile. The planning and design team, Goodwyn, Mills, & Cawood, Dover, Kohl & Partners, and Kimley-Horn, made sure that the two plans would be consistent with one another.

Design Old Shell encompasses over four miles of Old Shell Road. The eastern end of the study area is the intersection with Broad Street and western end is the Interstate-65 underpass. This segment of Old Shell Road includes four schools, several commercial districts and multiple neighborhoods