South Lafayette Street

S. Lafayette Street was developed in the 1840's and after. It was named after Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the American Revolution. Lafayette vistied Mobile on April 7-8 1825 while on his grand tour of the United States. The street is looked after by a grassroots organization called the South Lafayette Street Community Association with a mission "to to promote the health, safety, common good and social welfare of the residents.This organization's goal is to create a forum for communication with our neighbors and with our local government."

A prominent point along South Lafayette are three Gulf Coast cottages that typify some of the earliest expressions of this type of residential architecture in the city: Numbers 20, 22 and 23 South Lafayette. They were residences of working-class people, rather than society's elite. The house at 23 South Lafayette was constructed in 1852 for a ship's carpenter and architect. Constructed in 1868, 20 South Lafayette was built for a steamship company clerk, and 22 South Lafayette, also constructed in 1868, was owned by a bookkeeper for a cotton factory.

source: Old Dauphin Way Association; S. Lafayette Street Community Association