New crosswalk installed in Midtown, more to come!

Midtown Movement Pours First Crosswalk in Midtown

The Midtown Movement introduced a new material for crosswalks into Midtown Mobile and worked with Paveway Systems, City of Mobile Traffic Engineering and City of Mobile Engineering. The Midtown Movement had the crosswalk donated at a value of approximately $6,100 by Paveway Systems. The new crosswalk is located at the intersection of Semmes and Old Shell Road across from the Old Shell Road School Lofts. The Midtown Movement is working with Councilman Richardson and City of Mobile to get new crosswalks added at Florida and Old Shell Road as part of the development in that area. While not initially part of the project, Councilman Richardson has committed to adding crosswalks at Florida and Old Shell Road at the request of the Midtown Movement for the safety of Midtown citizens. The Water Street project engineers and Broad Street project leaders were also on-hand for the demonstration to see the possibilities.